Dust Controlled Vacuum Grinding

Dust Controlled Vacuum Grinding

Dust Controlled


Removing the old mortar joints is the worst part of repointing masonry.

Using hand held chisels can be time consuming, and can damage the face of the brick.


We use a vacuum grinder, with a dust extracting system.
This protects the walls from staining, as well as keeping the neighbours happy!

Vacuum Extractor


We pride ourselves in using the best equipment on the market to keep a messy job down to a minimum.


We always try our very best to protect by covering work areas to give a efficient and professional job.


No Mess


At Repointing Brickwork we are the only company on the Isle of Wight to be using this state of the art,

Dust Controlled Vacuum Technology with our grinding technequies.


By using this unique equipment we don't only protect the enviroment from cement dust, but also keep a completely dust free controlled area.

Creating next to no mess what so ever.


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