Wall Tie Replacement

Wall Tie Replacement

Corroded Wall Ties


Wall ties are used to join the internal and external wall of a cavity which are installed during construction.


Over time these wall ties can corrode especially in old properties where steel ties were used.

Wall tie corrosion is common in coastal areas, due to salt laden driven rain.


Most buildings will out last the life expectancy of the wall ties,

Wall tie replacement will be necessary at some point in most buildings with cavity walls.


Drilling New Holes


At Repointing Brickwork we pre-drill the sites where affected, to enable wall tie replacement to happen.


We use different types of wall ties, for different job specifications.




Once wall ties have been installed by Repointing Brickwork there is no way that the wall can move.


Meaning, no more movement, 

no more cracks,

and no more worries. 





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