New Builds

New Builds

Large Site Work


At Repointing Brickwork we some times work on large sites,

which is very demanding,

as you have to work alongside many other trades, and can be held up by such things like, scaffolding not being inplace when needed.


But looking back at a large project is very rewarding at the end.




New Home Build


With new home builds, it is great.


You create some thing from beneath the ground, right to the tip of the chimney.


These are what we would call our most popular, and rewarding projects at Repointing Brickwork.




Garage New Build


With garage new builds we find that some are for car storage and normal garage use,

but also we build them as extensions, to the customers home.


At Repointing Brickwork we pride ourselves on fantastic customer satisfaction, and a pleasurable project performance for both our customers and ourselves.






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