At some stage in the life of your home, the mortar between your masonry will need repointing.

Quality pointing has a huge impact on your wall, as mortar can account for around 15% of the overall surface.

Pointing is the primary defense against water ingress, aswell as having a structural role.

Done badly it can spoil even the best brickwork.


Mortar separates bricks from one another, not as many people think that it holds bricks together, gravity keeps walls together, mortar keeps bricks apart.

It is also important not to cover masonry with pva and other water sealant products, as this will not allow brickwork to breath. 



With our repointing services covering the whole of the Isle of Wight, we offer standard cement replacement and also lime mortar pointing, to cater for the needs of older properties which were built with lime mortar.



Repointing brickwork and stone walls, keeps moisture from getting behind the brick and stone.


To prevent further damage being caused to your walls by water ingress, with the risk of damp and ice forming, which can lead to cracks, it is a MUST to have your walls repointed.




Here you can see the different types of repointing available here at Repointing Brickwork.


   Here at Repointing Brickwork we use dust controlled vacuum grinding
to prevent dust particles pulluting the air and also making a mess on site.



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